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Jim Mills

… has been an avid petrified wood collector since he worked at a local rock shop in southern California as a kid. A geographer by training, paleobotany has become his passion.  He started Mills Geological with his wife, Beth Myers, in 1992, and since then they have acquired an extraordinary inventory of petrified wood and plant fossils from numerous locations around the world.

  Jim and Beth make their home in a rural part of San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California, but as Beth has learned over their 35 years together, Jim’s "geography gene" runs deep, and travel is still a priority!  As Jim scours shows, visits cutters, and explores field localities, our customers continue to benefit from his wanderlust.

  We strive to offer high-quality specimens with the best identification, as to species and provenance.  We promise that we will not guess about species or locality, and while some specimens either do not have adequate preservation or matching photomicrographs in our extensive reference library, if we don't know – we say so!

Atop Specimen Ridge, Yellowstone National Park

This is a fine example of an enormous petrified tree trunk which fossilized in place.  Of course, collecting is prohibited in the National Park, but seeing resources like this is a way of further appreciating the petrified woods that can be collected off of private lands (and which are a bit smaller so they will fit into a display case or cabinet)!

(Photo courtesy of Mike Viney)

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